Chickpeas and Spinach with Smoky Paprika

I wasn’t too sure if I’d like this dish at first but the former-vegetarian in me couldn’t resist trying it.  I’m still not sure if this is an appetizer, a stew, or a light dinner but I think it’s safe to say it could be all of the above.  I ate it with grilled sourdough bread (left over from the Panini with Chocolate and Brie) and I must say it’s a very tasty little bite.  There are many ingredients in this dish with big flavors – garlic, onions, fire-roasted tomatoes, parsley – but the real star of this show is the smoked paprika.  If you’ve never tried it before – go get some!  Regular paprika just doesn’t compare.  I was pleasantly surprised with this dish and at only 86 calories for a 2/3 cup serving, I didn’t feel guilty having 2 servings.

Additions:  None


  • About 1/2 of the onions

Substitutions:  None

Overall Rating:  Like It

Source:  Cooking Light Magazine


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