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Adobo Chicken

Yes, this is yet another chicken recipe.  As I mentioned before, I used to be a vegetarian (13 years!) and now I eat poultry and some fish but still no pork or beef.  Therefore, you will see a LOT of chicken recipes here.  That being said, Adobo Chicken is another one.  I was happy to make this recipe because I actually had all of the ingredients on hand and didn’t need to run to the store.  But…I didn’t love it.  It wasn’t bad, but it reminded me of something that I used to eat as a kid that I didn’t like (the only thing that pops in my head is liver and onions – yuck!).  This sauce was okay and the onions actually added a little something to the chicken but unfortunately I doubt I’ll make this one again.

Additions:  None


  • About half of the onions


  • Chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs

Overall Rating:  So-So

Source:  Cooking Light Magazine

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