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Parmesan-Sage Mashed Sweet Potatoes

For someone with a massive sweet tooth, I didn’t like sweet potatoes as a kid. You would think that with them being smothered in brown sugar, maple syrup or marshmallows, my chubby face would have been all over these. But it never took with me. I liked my sweets after dinner, not next to my chicken. In fact, I actually thought they were too sweet. Now that I have a newfound affection for sweet potatoes, I’m happy to try new recipes and have found that when they are made in a savory way, I’m all over them. These Parmesan-Sage Mashed Sweet Potatoes are a perfectly non-sweet way to enjoy these sweet spuds.

Sweet potatoes are microwaved (I used the pre-wrapped sweet potatoes from the grocery store) and then cooled before the pulp is scooped out and mashed with a little bit of butter, fresh sage, and salty Parmesan cheese. That’s all there is to it. In about 9 minutes, you can have yourself a healthy, superfood side dish. If I liked having sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, I might consider making these on Thursday but this year I’ll be sticking with plain old mashed potatoes like I had when I was a kid. I’ll save these sweet potatoes for every other night of the week.

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The ingredients:


Pierce each potato with a fork 3 to 4 times on each side. Wrap each potato in a damp paper towel. Microwave at HIGH 8 minutes, turning after 4 minutes. Cool slightly. Cut potatoes in half; scoop pulp into a bowl. Mash pulp.


Stir butter, milk, sage, Parmesan cheese, and salt into potato pulp.



Additions: None

Omissions: None

Substitutions: None

Overall Rating: Love It

Source: Cooking Light magazine

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