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Summer Sangria

Happy 4th of July! With the recent humidity and summer thunderstorms (not to mention the random hurricane), it officially feels like summer finally. Some of us in the northeast are still dealing with cloudy and/or rainy skies on this Independence Day but since when does the weather keep us from enjoying a cocktail? This Summer Sangria is quick, simple, and packs a punch.

White wine (I used Sauvignon Blanc but Pinot Grigio would be good also) and flavored rum or vodka (I used passion fruit rum) are mixed with a  little simple syrup and fruit.  Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries made this summer cocktail especially patriotic for the weekend but grapes, peaches, oranges, kiwi or mango would be great additions too. Basically, use any fruit, any white wine, and any flavored spirit to make this quick sangria. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend and enjoys their freedom, rain or shine.


Combine wine, rum (or vodka), fruit and simple syrup in a large pitcher. Cover and chill at least 2 hours. Add ice; serve immediately.



Additions: None

Omissions: None


  • Strawberries and blueberries

Overall Rating: Love It

Source: Coastal Living magazine


Raspberry-Cream Cheese Brownies

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night?  Of course Bradley Cooper looked gorgeous, the dresses were stunning and Adele’s beauty and voice were flawless.  A while ago I thought about making some appetizers and inviting some girlfriends over to watch the show but after an impromtu Atlantic City trip on Saturday that didn’t get me in bed until 3am, my Sunday was unproductive.  On the ride home, I somehow started talking to my friends about the ridiculously insanely good brownie batter donuts from Dunkin Donuts and about my obsession with brownie batter in general.  Since I spent my Sunday napping and being lazy, I didn’t cook one thing but couldn’t stop thinking about brownies, including these Raspberry-Cream Cheese Brownies I made last week.

Lightened brownie batter is jazzed up with raspberry preserves and cream cheese and baked until light and cakey.  These brownies aren’t the most gooey brownies I’ve ever had but it’s hard for me to find anything bad to say about any brownies.  If you like your brownies cake-like and a little fancy, give these a try.  Any other preserves would work here too like cherry or blackberry.  These treats are great when you just need something chocolate and have brownies on the brain like I did.


The ingredients:


To prepare the filling, beat the sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, flour and egg white at medium speed of a mixer until well-blended, and set aside.


Lightly spoon 3/4 cup flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. Combine 1 cup sugar and the next 6 ingredients (1 cup sugar through the 2 egg whites), stirring well with a whisk. Add to the flour mixture, stirring just until moist.


Spread two-thirds of batter in bottom of an 8-inch baking pan with cooking spray (do not coat the sides of the pan). Pour filling over batter, spreading evenly (the batter will be thick). Carefully drop the remaining batter and preserves by spoonfuls over filling; swirl together using the tip of a knife to marble.



Bake at 350° for 40 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out almost clean. Cool on a wire rack.


Additions:  None

Omissions:  None

Substitutions:  None

Overall Rating:  Like It

Source:  Cooking Light Magazine

Sweet Raspberry Dip

I’ve been going a little crazy lately in the produce department of my grocery store because as the weather gets warmer, the fruits seem to be getting brighter and more colorful and they all call my name. I swear I don’t know which direction to go to first and end up spinning around in circles as I decide on peaches vs. nectarines, grapes vs. cherries, blueberries vs. blackberries, or apricots vs. plums. The problem with not being able to decide is that I end up buying a little of everything and I’m left with more fruit than I know what to do with. Generally, I whip up a big batch of mixed fruit salad but sometimes when friends come over I want to make something a little less ordinary.

Sweet Raspberry Dip is a creamy, light fruit dip perfect for dipping summer stone fruit or other seasonal gems. Fresh raspberries are mashed with sugar and blended with plain Greek yogurt to make a dip similar in taste to raspberry yogurt except fresher and brighter. Serve with slices of mango, peaches, apricots, or plums or use strawberries or cherries to dunk. Use thawed frozen raspberries in the fall or winter and serve with autumn fruit like apples or pears. If you’re craving something sweet but are trying to stay healthy, this is one fruity appetizer or dessert where you won’t feel guilty if you eat too much.

Speaking of SWEET, today is my sweet, sweet sister Katie’s birthday!  She’s 12 years younger than me and one of my best friends.  I wish I could’ve made some cookies or cake for her but she is in Texas so that means it would have all ended up in MY belly and on MY thighs!  Maybe next week when I see her in Chicago, we’ll make something sweet that we can share with you! 🙂

The ingredients:

In a small bowl, mash the raspberries with the sugar.

Stir in the yogurt.

Serve with your favorite fruit.

Additions: None

Omissions: None

Substitutions: None

Overall Rating: Like It


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