Peach Lemonade

Yes, I know it is soooooooo super-easy to keep a container of Crystal Light or Country Time in your cabinet, put a scoop in a pitcher with some water and pour yourself a glass of lemonade in a few short minutes.  But let’s be honest, lemonade mix doesn’t hold a candle to an ice-cold lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons, does it?  This homemade lemonade, Peach Lemonade, might take a little longer than lemonade from a mix but it’s so much better.  And on a nice spring day, fresh peaches and freshly squeezed lemonade are a perfect little marriage.

Peaches are simmered in water with sugar, blended, and strained, leaving a perfectly sweet, peachy syrup.  Fresh lemon juice is added and voilà!  Peach Lemonade!  The peach flavor is subtle in this thirst-quenching drink which would be perfect on a warm summer day or spiked with a little vodka or rum.  Afterall, when life gives you peaches and lemons, make peach lemonade.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

The ingredients:

Bring water, sugar, and chopped peaches to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat.  Reduce heat and simmer 3 minutes.

Place peach mixture in a blender and let stand for 20 minutes, allowing mixture to cool slightly.  Remove center piece of blender lid and place a clean towel over the opening.  Blend until smooth and pour into a large bowl.  Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 

Press peach mixture through a sieve over a bowl, reserving liquid; discard solids.    

Stir in lemon juice.

Serve over ice and garnish with a peach wedge.

Additons:  None

Omissions:  None

Substitutions:  None

Overall Rating:  Love It

Source:  Cooking Light Magazine


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